Power of Attorney Solicitors Taking care of your Needs Decisions

In later life or as a result of a sudden accident or illness, unfortunately not everyone is in the position to make informed decisions for themselves. If you wish to put plans in place for someone to take control of your finances, property and welfare decisions once your mental capacity diminishes, turn to the expert power of attorney solicitors at Stephensons’ 4WillandProbate.

A power of attorney is a very powerful document to have in place and can help safeguard your assets in the way that you always envisioned. Without such a document, your assets could be frozen if it is judged that you cannot make decisions for yourself. To avoid this scenario, plan ahead with the help of the specialist power of attorney solicitors at 4WillsandProbate.

Peace of Mind thanks to Power of Attorney Solicitors

There are two types of lasting power of attorney: health and welfare lasting powers of attorney and property and affairs lasting powers of attorney. Power of attorney solicitors will advise on both types and fully explain to you how each of them work. You can have one, or both, depending on what is important to you. But it is usually advisable to have both.

There is nothing more heartbreaking than finding out that someone whom you trust dearly does not have any legal right to manage your affairs. Power of attorney solicitors will make sure the right people are legally appointed to do so, and they can even advise them on their responsibilities if necessary.

The specialist power of attorney solicitors at 4WillsandProbate are waiting to be of assistance so give us a call or contact us online.