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When someone passes away you may be the appointed Executor of a Will (i.e. the person responsible for distributing the estate in terms of property and possessions to those specified in the Will). Resolving Probate issues can be a long and complex process which you are unlikely to be familiar with. You may be confused about where to start and what is required. As experienced probate lawyers, we are here to help.

We are a UK firm of probate solicitors with national scope and offices across the North West in areas such as Manchester and Wigan. We can help you assess if probate is in fact required. This will depend on a number of financial circumstances relating to the estate. Our team of probate solicitors can identify what needs to be carried out as a priority and also determine what future provisions need to be made.

Our experienced team of probate lawyers has provided advice on every legal aspect of probate including but not limited to: 

  • Urgent actions needed to make sure your will is carried out fully
  • Determining the validity of a Will 
  • Assisting you under the Rules of Intestacy if no Will exists 
  • Obtaining a Grant of Probate where there is a Will which authorises the Executor to distribute the assets of the estate. 
  • Obtaining Letters of Administration where there is no Will in order to distribute the assets of the estate. 
  • Identifying and handling any claims against the estate 
  • Managing any changes to the distribution of the estate, in accordance with Beneficiaries' wishes (e.g. beneficiaries may decline to receive assets and possessions) 
  • Managing Trusts assigned for persons under the age of 18

The team of probate solicitors 4WillsandProbate is able to offer a bereavement service that will provide comprehensive knowledge and expertise in all aspects of managing property including:

  • Valuation and property sale management 
  • Vacant property insurance 
  • Maintenance and emergency repairs 
  • Rental management

We are also able to offer added services for the individual needs of our clients, such as removal of fridges and freezers and tidying of gardens. Please contact us to find out more about the packages and fixed prices on offer.

We aim to remove as much pressure from you as possible by dealing with this intricate process on your behalf. Call us today, to find out how our expert team of probate solicitors could assist you.

So that you can access our services in the most convenient way possible we offer three different ways to deal with your probate:

  1. Online with a review by a solicitor
  2. Online but with assistance from us over the phone using our instruction form
  3. Or you can come in and see us.

Speak to our Wills & Probate experts directly on:

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