Types of Wills

There are several different types of Will, which vary in terms of their complexity and levels of solicitor involvement required. The type of Will you choose needs to reflect your own individual circumstances. Stephensons offer a full range of Wills and differing methods to create your legally binding documentation. At Stephensons we can provide:
Straightforward/Standard Single Wills
These Wills are sometimes termed ‘Basic’ Wills; this is misleading as they offer an individual peace of mind in a number of ways. A Standard Will, enables you to appoint an executor to deal with your estate, name beneficiaries, appoint guardians to look after children under 18 and note specific wishes e.g. with regards to your funeral arrangements.
Straightforward/ Standard Mirror Wills
This type of Will involves much the same Single Wills with the principal point of difference being that it is designed for couples married, in a civil partnership or unmarried.
Both Standard and Mirror Wills lend themselves to being produced using any of the methods offered by us: Online, via our online instruction form, or at our offices.
Complex Single or Mirror Wills
We also offer Complex Single and Mirror Wills, these Wills due to their complexity are not suited to Online Will generation. A Single Will maybe considered complex if it needs to detail: Trusts for minor children, provide consideration to inheritance tax liability, protect property from funding future care needs, there are specific details in relation to business activity e.g. shareholding, protection of a disabled child or protection of a property from creditors. Any of these factors make a Mirror Will ‘complex’. In addition to this, Mirror Wills are often considered complex where they are in relation to a subsequent marriage, involving children from a previous marriage. When generating a Complex Will we recommend you make an appointment to see us so we can talk through these important considerations.
Trust Wills
We also have significant experience of generating Trust Wills. Trust Wills are often considered the best option for those wanting to protect a vulnerable person or for those with significant savings. There are three main types of Trust Will. Those considering a Trust Will should telephone our Probate Team to make an appointment to come in and see us.
Whatever your individual circumstance we can advise you of the most suitable Will and method of creating it to ensure that your assets and those you care about are protected after you have passed away.

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